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If you are planning to get married, think about this:    make it all about just the two of you!                        No big reception, no hassle, no stress, no conflicts,no big expenses, no guests, just the two of you and the Pacific Ocean, just the two of you for two hours, just enjoying each other, saying your vows, taking pictures, cutting the cake, having your champagne toast, dancing your first dance as husband and wife, just the two of you!


VOWS - I will write a very personalized, romantic wedding ceremony for you.   And we will do the Unity sand Ceremony with the Keepsake Container that you will take home with you, so you will always have the place where you stood to say your vows.






My photographer will capture every moment for you and provide you with a CD of all of the pictures.  You will print your own pictures and make your own album.  Almost more importantly, we will provide a professional wedding videographer who will film the ceremony for you!Then you can just make a copy of the video and send it out to all of your friends and family with an announcement of your marrige so they can see you say your vows at the ocean.



   Choose one of these lovely South Orange County ocean view/ocean front hotels:

or Let us know where you are staying in Laguna Beach or Dana Point, and we will send our limo to your hotel to pick you up and bring you to the beach.



The pictures are at The St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point, CA

We offer the ELOPEMENT Packages all year Sunday through Thursday. If you are coming from outside the State of California, you must be here on a weekday to get your marriage license.  The prices reflect a weekday ceremony.  Limos are more expensive on Friday and Saturday so call Marcy Ann for a quote for Friday or Saturday.


$995.00 "KISS" (Keep It Simple, Simple!) Elopement Package - includes permit, insurance, romantic wedding ceremony with heart garland on the sand with rose petals, Wedding Memory Book, Unity Sand Ceremony and two hours of photos (approx. 300 pictures) on the cliff or on the sand.    Add a strolling guitarist or violinist to serenade you for $150 more. 

$1,750.00 PLATINUM BEACH WEDDING PACKAGE  includes permit, insurance, romantic wedding ceremony with Wedding Memory Book, Sand Ceremony with Keepsake Container, three hours of photos, one hour video of ceremony to send to your friends and family with the Announcement of your marriage,  shell wedding cake, champagne toast, First Dance with your favorite song, and 2 1/2 doz. classic rose bride's bouquet & groom's rose lapel flower.   Add a strolling guitarist or violinist to serenade you for $150 more. 

Call today 949-433-3129 and let me set up everything for you.

Wedding Bouquet  Tropical Wedding Cake

I can practically guarantee that if you get married this way, the two of you will experience a union of your two souls that will be eternal in the heavens and on the earth - because it is all about the two of you!!!



St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point







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P.S.I did a wedding recently where we provided just the decorations. The bride did not have a coordinator, guests were late, no one knew what to do, the bride was so stressed.Her attention was being torn this way and that way, people asking her questions, what to do, guests wanting her attention, it was NOT about the two of them!It was about everything else.They were on such a time table - photographer being paid by the hour, musicians being paid by the hour, things running late, they had to get to the reception at a certain time, all about everything but the TWO OF THEM. The whole thing probably cost them $20,000 or more. But, Is it any wonder that marriages don't last sometimes?Did the couple really feel like they GOT MARRIED?or was it just about everyone and everything else.If you make it ALL ABOUT THE TWO OF YOU, you will create a true foundation for your marriage, and your marriage will be forever and ever.Amen!  xoxox Marcy Ann

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