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blogtalkmarcyHi everyone! Marcy Ann here ready to go on the air and do my weekly shows.  If you can’t listen live, you can listen anytime of the day or night on your computer, on your phone, on your ipad, or on I-Tunes. I work pretty simply, no fancy equipment, just an old-fashioned phone and the BTR studio on my computer from my home  in Southern California.

I have learned that I am a REFLECTOR! I have a special way of seeing things from the great big picture of what is really happening! My part to play right now is to help all of us shift from war to peace, from materialism to charity, from sex to love, from domination and control to the true submission one to the other, from judgment to allowing, from confusion to clarity, and from victimhood and living under the circumstances to discovering our unique gifts and talents to create a life powered by our own personal sovereignty.

I am currently broadcasting Wednesdays at 4:00pm Pacific Coast Time.  I have had a lot of fun doing an occasional show on Fridays which I call News Headlines for News Junkies. I will take one item from the current news and “reflect” on it! On Wednesdays, I am usually talking about energy inasmuch as Einstein said that we are all a bundle of energy operating in an immense void. We have the power to create whatever we want within the void. Sometimes, I do a show on Mondays, just tune in! It’s a surprise to me every week, too. Sometimes, for a variety of different reasons, I might broadcast at different times, but the shows will always be available in the archives.  I have two 4-part series of shows –  Talk and Lose Weight and Prayer that Works Everytime, which will soon be available to download from this page.    These are available right now in the archives.    

And here is my 7-step series on How To Have Your Perfect Life.

7 Steps to Manifesting What You Want In Your Life – This is a 7-Part Series that I have prepared especially for you to help you create what you want in your life. I support your personal efforts to make all of your dreams come true. I have used these 7 Steps to fulfill all of my fondest hopes, my deepest desires and my most impossible dreams. And now you can listen whenever you want to as you are learning how to manifest what you want in your life.  These Seven Steps lead and guide you with love and clarity. Each Step is vital in the process of learning to create. And if you will listen to these powerful recordings instead of listening to music, or the radio or television, and only fill your mind with the deep principles that are revealed on these downloads, everything in your life will begin to straighten out, and you will discover that your life will begin to be perfect!


These 7 Steps are: (Right click, and pick “save as” to download, or just click link to listen in browser)

1st Step – Will To Do

2nd Step – The Pattern

3rd Step – Passion

4th Step – Purity

5th Step – Concentration

6th Step – Peace

7th Step – Acceptance



Free Audio Meditations

I have 2 additional meditations to assist you in your manifestation: (Left click to listen in browser, Right Click and Save to download)

Tune-Up – Using the Primordial Sounds of the Universe
Loving & Being Loved Meditation


You can click here to listen to all of my other archived radio shows:

Carolyn’s Mantra

I am God’s energy in form. I feel unconditional love all the time.l I am in “gamma state” which means that my whole brain is working in full power and my body is full of light. Every atom of my being is resonating with joy and happiness now. Today I give thanks and celebrate what an glorious life I have had so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings, and even the hardships. I release all regrets, resentments and grievances, negative memories, traumas, obstacles, fears, shame, worry, guilt, doubts, drama, abuse, suffering, pain, and all that is harmful to me in my mind, and see my life as a miracle. My life is full of miracles. Everything I am involved in is successful. My family life, my business life and my social life operate in balance. I attract loving, generous, spiritual, trustworthy and loyal friends into my life. My life is fully guided by Spirit, intuition and synchronicity. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I am fabulous! I am The Prize! God’s Will and my will are the same. God is the power and we are the team. I glow for God and my light is seen by all.

The Spirit of Divine within me is the source of all of my supply. I love knowing that my ideal financial situation brings me the comfort and knowledge that all of my needs and desires are provided through the Law of Least Effort. All of the money I spend also enriches society and comes back to me multiplied. The White Light of healing energy is circulating through my body, maintaining erfect health in my arteries and veins, in every bone, every joint, every muscle, every organ, every gland, every cell and every drop of blood.

The Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me all of my desires. I successfully shield myself from any form of negative energy from other people. I bring back into my body, mind and subconscious all of the gifts and talents from my past lives to use for the benefit of myself and for the benefit of others. Everything that I do adds beauty, harmony, order and love and light wherever I am.


I allow others, including those I love deeply, to walk their own path, make their own decisions, follow their own direction, even though I think they would be better doing something else or doing things differently. I affirm that I was the best mother that I could be according to my state of consciousness at the time I was pregnant and while I was raising my children. I realize that from the time my children were 25 years old, they have been in charge of their own life, walking their own path, making their own decisions, going in their own direction, and I am not responsible for their present circumstances. With my own God-empowerede free will, I release myself from all parental guilt I feel about __________________________________ (name your child).

I accelerate without limit this sacred release and I also call for assistance from God’s own Heart until all cause, effect, record and memory of the guilt is totally gone. I consciously accept this done right now, in full power.