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How may I be of service to you?


I love this picture.   This vendor provided Rolls Royce services to my brides and to introduce me to his services, he picked me up at my home  in the Rolls and took me to the beach and back!    Wow!    I really, really liked this Service!!   And so did my brides.     So, now, how can I be of service to you?   You can listen to my radio show and tune in my You Tube channel, and I still do Baby Blessings, Memorial Services, House Blessings, and I do Crystal Heart Messages.  For a personal reading, or any other service,  you can call me at 949-433-3129.     


Or Just e-mail me at and put in the e-mail what you are interested in.

Also I welcome all questions and comments.  Perhaps you would like to be a guest on my show.