I have seven complete sets of my Wedding Business Course that are available until they are gone.  This Course originally sold for $750.00 but I am offering it now for $150.00 – plus shipping ($50 – it’s a lot of stuff!!) because it is in book and paper form and I don’t want to re-do it all digitally.   You can learn how to be a Professional Wedding Officiant for  your State, offering a complete wedding ceremony package for the very diverse global public who is waiting outside of your door right now for your services.

You don’t need an ocean in your backyard to have your own wedding business. One of the most important parts of  the Business Package includes my Advertising and Marketing Pamphlet with a proven list of things to do that will jump-start your business wherever you are.  If you do everything I suggest, you will have your business up and running within 3 months, part-time on the weekends, with the potential for it to become your full-time job, being your own boss, and eventually being able to retire like I did this year with enough money to take care of you for the rest of your life.  


Call me right now at 949-433-3129 or email me at to be one of the 7 lucky people to get this Course for $150!  (plus shipping $50.00).    You will get 5 books of teaching plus all of the forms you need, sample contracts, plus my 21st Century Wedding Ceremony.  


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