I just received an e-mail from a bride today.  Here is her message:

“Dear Rev. Marcy Ann,  You officiated our wedding at Picnic Beach back in 2003.  It was just me and my husband-to-be, and I want you to know that it was the most romantic thing I have ever done.  We have been happily married now for 11 years and still very much in love.  I have thought of you often over the years, and just thought I should let you know how much we appreciated your patience and graciuousness on our Special Day.  We were very late for our appointment but you waited for us and the rest is history!”  April & Denny.

And over the years, this is what I have witnessed –  it is the most romantic way to get married that there is!  An ELOPEMENT is just about the 2 of you!   Each of you focusing all of your attentions on each other with no stress, no hassel, no worries, no distractions.    An Elopement is just the two of you -  nobody else to have to attend to, no worries about anything, just the two of you – looking into each other’s eyes to say your vows.