Vow Renewals

serv_photo2I did a 15 year vow renewal for a lovely couple Recently.   Every five years, this couple did a Vow renewal.  Their first 5 year vow renewal was on the Island of Maui.  Their second 5 year Vow renewal was in New York City. A year before their 15 year vow renewal, she discovered that she  had cervical cancer. As they proceeded down the  agonizing path Of diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy  and radiation, they wondered if they would ever make it to the 15 year vow renewal.  So it was with tremendous thankfulness, gratefulness and deep joy that we three stood in the gazebo at the  edge of the ocean  at The Ritz Carlton hotel in  Laguna Niguel and they said the precious wedding  promises to one another again.

Vow Renewals are precious at any time, after one year, after five years, after 25 years, after 50 years!  Make your plans to fly into Orange County and do your vow renewal at the beach!   I can help you also with all local information for hotels, locations, and other vendors, such as photographers or videographers.