Baby Blessings

Baby Dedications

baby_100_0162_smI take great joy and pleasure in dedicating babies!  I am so proud of parents who wish to make a public statement of their intentions towards their child, sharing their hopes and dreams and goals with family and friends.   Usually, we do the dedication at the home of the parents, or sometimes at a grandparent’s home.

picnichiI write a personalized ceremony for each dedication which communicates your wishes and desires for your child to the special guests at the dedication.   I also can include older children, a bigger brother or sister, who can actively participate in their own dedication.

baby_blessings_2010I recently did a “baby dedication” for two sisters, one was 20 years old and one was 22 years old.   These girls said they had never had a time in their life that they could point To where they felt like they had made their “connection” to God.   Other of their friends had either been Confirmed, or Bah Mitzvah, or Dedicated.



servic1They wished to have that moment in their lives, to provide a  foundation – a place where they could return, in their mind  – when they needed comfort, or stability, or wisdom, or refuge.     It’s a big, scary world out there!  And it helps to know that we have some power in our life to overcome the obstacles and be happy and successful!

baby_blessings_2010c baby_blessings_2010b



A Thank You!

November 17, 2013

Hi Marcy

Thank you again for performing a beautiful blessing for Liam. We had a wonderful experience and we’re very happy with the way the ceremony turned out.

xoxo Michele, Nolan & Liam